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Our Newsletters Subscription shows how we are committed to Empowering Communities of all Races and Financial backgrounds through Personal Growth, Financial Education and Wealth Creation Services. We recognize and understand that change happens not overnight but over a length of time that will take months and possibly years in some cases. Based upon testimonies from our participants, we know our system and services are very powerful when evaluated by reviewing the end results.

Community Empowerment Pack

Let's look at Our Community Empowerment Pack which you receive at no additional charge when you subscribe to The MVET Way CEMN Newsletter Subscription which Promotes Knowledge, Strategies, Resources, Tools, Execution and Wealth Creation.

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With Our Newsletter Subscription and Community Empowerment Pack You have access to:

  • Personal Growth, Financial Education and Wealth Creation Articles from our Community Empowerment Business academy Coaches and Business educators.
  • Business Funding Coaching with a Complimentary Personal & Business Success Builder Program provides a Business Funding Analysis every 3 months. Connects you to Business Funding Underwriter Coordinators across the USA. This process permits multiple rounds of funding to build your Business and Bank. You could have the Opportunity to Receive Funding Ranging from $5,000 to $500,000 plus.
  • Stock and Options Coaching with Discounted Financial Investment Research Newsletter & Autotrade Service
  • Real Estate Investing Coaching with a Complimentary Personal & Business Success Builder Program, provides a Real Estate Funding Analysis every 6 months. Connects you to Real Estate Educators across the USA.
    • Connects you to the Coordinator for Real Estate Funding Underwriting Professionals who have connected our members to financial institutions who have a history of high approval rates for our members who have similar credit profiles.
    • Connects you to Real Estate Professionals who have recently sold properties that are similar to the subject property you are searching for in your areas of interest. By comparing these properties, and adjusting for feature difference, an estimate of value is provided for the subject property.
  • Budget Debt Manager with Coaching Creates a financial plan that will give you a complete payment guide to eliminate your debt quicker than you expected and save you from unnecessary interest payments.
  • Accounting Support with a Trusted network Over 20,000 CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers tested and certified
  • Discounted Identity Theft Protection Trusted By Millions · Best In Class Security · Comprehensive Service · 35+ Years of Experience. Services Include: Identity & Credit Alerts, Credit Protection, Award winning Child Watch, Credit Scores
  • Complimentary Weekly Training via live Internet Streaming Events from MVET Radio TV Studio. Discounted Advance Trainings.
  • Look for Exciting and New Addition Complimentary and Discounted Services in the near future