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The Community Empowerment Movement Network 3 Steps to Success

Financial Education

Our First Success Step, Financial Education utilizing the MVET WAY Community Empowerment Business Academy (CEBA) Coach Trainer Investors are the key to effective personal growth, financial education, community development and wealth creation. Community Empowerment Business Academy (CEBA) believes truly effective coaching and business educating occurs in the context of an ongoing relationship between the Coach Trainer Investors and participant, founded upon experience, mutual honesty, trust and positive regard. CEBA Coach Trainer Investors are highly skilled professionals with years of experience. Our rigorous selection criteria guarantee that you will be partnered with a Coach Trainer Investor who understands your issues and shares your commitment to personal development and business development. Our Coach Trainer Investors are by no means all alike, but they possess a common body of qualifications and capabilities. We provide a multi-dimensional platform that addresses the start-up, take-off and expansion plans of every new and veteran entrepreneur. Our Goal is to help all who participate in our program to become Personal Credit Worthy and Business Credit Worthy.

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Wealth Creation

The Second Success Step, Creating Business Income is Critical as millions of people want more income but lack the tools to increase income from their job in the work place. CEMN presents each Coach Trainer Investor with a Custom Class Designed Business System, which includes a Customer Relations Manager, personalized back office, access to the MVET Studio Media Library and Training Center, Earned Compensation in real time and 21st Century communication links with the Corporate Support Team and Corporate Management.

Our training provides you the opportunity to reach communities nationally and internationally. The integrated Coach Trainer Investor Program provides the opportunity to empower communities to not only expand their earning ability but also learn how to manage their funds, reduce taxes and minimize overpayments to businesses and governments for products and services. In following this blueprint, we all can recycle millions of lost funds that will increase cash flow, reduce debt and create a financial legacy for our families instead of often leaving them with a legacy of more debt. CEMN not only has solutions but this process permits our Coach Trainer Investors to have a potential income with no ceilings. CEMN’s proven solutions come with testimonials from our members. Our policy is “Documentation Beats Conversation”.

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Asset Accumulation

The Third Success Step, Accumulation of Assets is a primary element as we first must acquire Assets which in turn are producing income and achieving financial success. Examples of Assets producing Income would be bonds, stocks, real estate, pre or post-tax retirement vehicles which generate Passive Income. The importance of Passive Income is you now have sources of Financial Stability, Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation. Our goal is to help millions of people attain financial success by acquiring More Cashflow. In this way, you select current money to create Future Assets producing Passive Income.

Our resources will provide you education so you can determine your Risk Tolerance Level and will share Technology Analysis which has worked over the centuries-and you are not guessing or gambling Your Hard Earned Funds.

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Benefits From Our Membership:

The MVET WAY / CEMN Newsletter Subscription Discounted

Only $72.00 Month / With Discounted and Complimentary Services

  • Complimentary Stock and Option coaching
  • Complimentary Real Estate Investing Coaching
  • Complimentary Accounting Software
  • Complimentary and Discounted Trainings
  • Complimentary Personal & Business Success Builder Program
  • Complimentary Budget Debt Manager and Coach
  • Credit Monitoring Discount
  • Business Funding Coaching Discount
  • Identity Theft Discount
  • Complimentary & Training Discount
  • Discounted Accounting Support
  • Coaching and Training Affiliate Opportunity

And More To Come....

Become a Coach Trainer Investor

Membership Only $10.00 Down $10.00 Month

Our Members can become Coach Trainer Investors after completing the MVET/CEMN Training

Coach Trainer Investor Benefits

Our Coach Trainer Investors acquire extra cash flow with our 7 Areas of Revenue Streams to get an R. O. I (Return on Investment):
1st - Your Passion and Purpose.
2nd - Community Members' Passion and Purpose by Paying Forward our Newsletter and Financial System.
3rd- Day Trading.
4th- Options Trading.
5th- Real Estate Investments.
6th - Community Investments, and
7th- Retirement Investments such as Index Life Insurance.
Generating Business Income and Managing their Finances and Debt are key components for our Coach Trainer Investors' Success. Using some of the extra cash flows from investing empowers them to attain financial success! Imagine investing extra cash flow monthly and watching your Assets Grow!! The Outreach to Billions System is powerful and life changing! Millions of People Desire More Financial Success, but most Need More Cash Flow and Better Financial Strategies. If you are one of these people, you are in the right place, at the right time, because The MVET WAY Personal & Business Financial Success System is the Solution!

When you enroll, you receive:

  • Premium Business System.
  • Premium Customer Relationship Manager System.
  • Personalized Back Office.
  • Personal Growth and Business Development Training.
  • Premium Recognition and Support
  • Premium Stock & Option and Day Trading Investing Newsletter Subscription Discount